My Hometown

13 Jan

My hometown, this phrase carriers a lot of complexity when it comes to my life and what I call home. My hometown is a place that I have never been to yet know all too well. My hometown is very culturally yet lacks diversity. My hometown rests on two different continents yet are as close as two rooms in the same house. My hometown is very complex because it encompasses a complex childhood and  an identity crisis. I was born in Takoma Park which is a city right next to the city of Silver spring in Montgomery county, Maryland. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia around the age of four and grew up in Dekalb County until high school, when we moved to Lilburn. My hometown from my view growing up was never fully American because my parents are immigrants from the Ivory Coast, which is a country located in west Africa. Growing up in a household like that if I didn’t look out of he window you would swear your in Africa. All these factors lead me to confusion when asked “so tell me about your hometown?” I can’t describe too much about Maryland besides what it looks like during school holidays and to some I can’t talk about Atlanta because I was not born here. To sum this all up my hometown is no one location it encompasses pieces of all of those locations. The food and music of the ivory coast, The chilhood memories growing up in Dekalb, and the Holidays with family in Maryland.



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