The customizable society

29 Apr

The customizable society and its effect on people’s views of themselves and their environment in this digital age. To truly understand the overall message I need to simplify these ideals, starting with that of the customizable society. What is the “customizable society”? In previous posts I’ve used the phrase, but I have never really ventured down the path of what it is, well today is your lucky day. Never before in history have we been able to tailor almost every aspect of our lives to suite our own personal Ideals, wants, and needs. For example, in this digital age when you log on to any mass online shopping site, we’ll say amazon (The Walmart of online shopping) the more you purchase the more the advertisements change to suite your personality depending on what you bought. If you were to listen to Pandora internet radio the types of stations you choose to listen to determine not only the products but in what language they are advertised to you. The unique and interesting fact is that because the digital world has intertwined so much in our day to day lives this sense of customization this sense of individuality is augmented and the catalyst for our societies excessive need to self-express. These avenues of expression lead to the creative process being mistaken for simple rearrangement. This misconception that everyone is some sort of artist in this new media society is a fallacy. The customizable society allows us to live in a world that is more connected than ever and have so much disconnection. This rift causes the people to believe that their worlds revolve around them, well in fact they do. The customizable society is in fact made up of everyone’s life and amalgamation of tailored made digital lives that allow every person “creative expression to be heard. The question is, is the rearranging of a kit of parts true creativity and in a world where creative expression is literally at ones finger tips is everyone an artist? The answer to this is “ no,” because the expression of individuality fostered in this society is not the bases for true artistic freedom.  


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