parting is such sweet sorrow….

29 Apr

In five years I will remember the word semiotics because I haven’t heard that word said so much in any other time I’ve been in class. The blog posts were one of my favorite parts of the class, the reflection of our lectures and readings through the explanation of these various blog posts really reinforced the lessons. The in class discussions always were enjoyable and informative, especially the unorthodox way the notes were presented on the board and helped me visualize the connections between different topics. What I’ll take away from this class is a better understanding of the digital world we live in today and how it affects our lives. Also in taking this class I’m to understand that some of the theories discussed may be proven or dis-proven in the near future. Five years from now depending on how advanced or how society changes I may look at this class as an antique a library of antiquated ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and I learned a lot about the theory behind this mass media world we live in.


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