7 Apr

The album cover game was a great experiment in the art of spontaneous creation. The idea is to use a bunch of random elements to create an album cover and to post it on facebook. The most interesting aspect of this game is the fact that it makes design accessible to the “non-designer”. In this day and age with our user friendly society we can change and manipulate virtually anything blurring the line between designer and consumer. The value of this game is actually in the statement it makes, it brings the “designer” down to the level of every other person. In this game no level of designer and no amount of experience matters in the creation of this album cover because it is random almost everything looks cool. The down side is that it takes the creativity out of the exercise for those design oriented people. This “game” takes little to no creativity because the guesswork is taken out of it. In a contradictory way this sort of blind creation adds a great design challenge for designers. This adds a new perspective on design, because it forces a designer to work with what is given and have to look deeper into the details of the composition to find a creative outlet. The positioning of the text and the font are usually contingent on the type of band or the album theme, but in this you are already given two elements that may be vastly different. This academically is a lesson that students in creative majors should learn, in today’s society everyone thinks they are an artist or designer of some sort. We live in a world that is fully customizable to the everyday person from shoes such as Nike id, Addidas originals, and custom converse, to cell phones where you can jailbreak them (illegal) and customize your phone down to your phone’s font. We live in a society today where people feel as though it is their right to be able to change and create, and the album cover game simply reminds puts all of these factors in perspective.


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