Write remix

27 Mar

The original idea behind a “remix” is to rearrange a song in order to create a new beat a mere transformation from one form to the next. My introduction to the idea of remixing came from listening to many different genres of music growing up then transitioning and listening to hip hop/rap. Most of my friends would think that the beat of some of the songs were amazing (which they were), and original but by being exposed to many different genres of music I could tell that parts of the song were taken from old music. This idea of remixing is not limited to music, because if we look at how the Dadaist used collage to make a statement they were “remixing” photographs. This notion of remixing is not new as far as art goes because after time passed we had the pop art movement where remixing was a widely used form of self-expression. The word remix became more main stream with the rise of hip hop music and its effect on popular culture, for example in the early 2000’s sprite launched a revamped version of its regular soda and called it “sprite remix”. The idea of remixing calls into question pure and true creativity, are you really gifted if you just rearrange a kit of parts? The idea that original thought is dead is one that is being constantly ingrained in us through schooling in a sense to open our minds to the notion that our society is not original or are our ideals original concepts. Remixing is the way in which we live, almost every aspect of our daily lives can be customized to fit the fashion of the day or even an individual’s mood. If someone were to take any product that is uniform but easily customizable, like an iPhone, and take a sampling of 100 phones in a given area no two phones would be the same exactly identical inside and out. I would even go as far to say that because people’s phones often are an extension of themselves no two iPhones, although created equally, are the same after a year of use. Our entire aesthetic today is in a sense a “remix” of past, present, and our ideas of the future. We live in a society that is in itself a remix, of cultures, and beliefs that are not native to this land.  


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