NOT another social Network

18 Mar

The simple fact that anyone can visit a particular website that may be promoting an individual product, and without question an link appears next to the product is a testament to how powerful  this network has become. was created in 1995 and since then has grown to be one of the largest online commerce facilitators in existence. On this site different vendors sell different products to different consumers as if it were the world’s largest mall. Amazon fosters a way for any one vendor to access consumers in a completely different part of the world. In essence someone can be in japan creating products that are specifically targeted to a demographic residing in the most rural parts of Georgia. This network has made a formerly impossible task possible, we have international trade on a local level, this much power has helped globalize certain products accompanied by this way of commerce. From its inception the number of online shopping and shoppers has increased exponentially, and looks to keep that trajectory going in the next twenty years. A great aspect to amazon is that in a sort of hyper glocalization it will cater to your specific needs. When someone goes to the site, the general homepage is the same the initial advertised items on the side may be region specific but that gets even more personal once you search for your first item or log in to an account you have set up with them. When you start to search items with them all of this information from the computer you are using is being saved, and with this knowledge certain products related to your vendor, or more often than you are advertised, to get the consumer to further dive into the network. The nodes of connection are even more specific when it comes down to an individual account. When a buyer has an account set up on, again all of the search information is compiled and again this is used to almost anticipate potential items you may want to purchase. The difference between account holders and none account holders is that it no longer bases its findings on searches done by multiple users it does this based on the account holder. This idea of individuals being connected in such a global network goes even further when can advertise more items on other websites all to further you shopping experiences by catering to its vast network by way of making its individual nodes in society and more specifically members feel as if they are the most important entity in this network.   


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