post#4: music and other notes

11 Mar

Ever since I was a child listening to music has been one of my favorite hobbies, just laying down looking at the cd (a circular Frisbee/mirror humans used to use to store music) booklet while the tracks go one after another. I obtained this obsession with listening to music when I would watch my father pull out his old records and play old school reggae and I used to think that was really interesting. That fact that whenever you wanted you could listen to a song. fast forward a couple of years past the cassettes(small boxes prehistoric man used to store music) and cds  of the past to the time I obtained my first ipod. This life changing experience completely replaced everything no more cd players with a pack of cds in my black leather case, now I could listen to hundreds and hundreds of songs not without switching disks. Since then I never go anywhere without my music, sometimes I feel as though it creates a barrier between me and the outside sights and sounds of life. Personally, I’ve always listened to music to quite my mind I normally have a million thoughts running in my head at one point in time and music helps to distract me from that. My focus shifts from the psychological cacophony to lyrics and the music note and story that is being told which is why I really enjoy listening to meaningful music. From day to day music as a therapeutic distraction is completely integrated in my life. When I wake up in the morning I immediately turn on some music, when I’m in the shower I play music, when I get dressed I’m still listening to music. I went as far as to go to sleep listening to music, even when I walk anywhere, when I feel comfortable enough in my surroundings I’ll listen to music. Because of the fast-paced society we live in if you are a music lover the radio is not enough. Gone are the days where people purely tune in to the radio for their musical content. For example when I listen to my ipod I miss the playful banter and celebrity interviews that I used to get through the radio, now I go to either internet radio or previously recorded broadcasts on the internet for my extra content. Internet radio and podcasts saved the radio industry by safe guarding the one power that the mp3 player could not take away… the radio dj.


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