Aside 5 Feb

The role of media in my life,

After observing I found was huge, to say the least. I found out that within the course of an hour I check my phone roughly 30 times, which means roughly every two minutes I’m checking my phone. I would honestly like to say that that time is spent handling important business transactions (someday…) but the truth of the matter is that for the most part I am checking social media. Whether it is “instagram” for the funny pictures or visual giving my loved ones a play by play of my daily life, or its “Facebook” the huge time wasting monster that has led countless citizens to the unemployment office. Last but certainly not least the courier pigeon we now call “Twitter” also consumes a huge amount of time especially when there is a “trending topic” that I have to “tweet” about. The crazy thing about all this is that In high school I did not have any of these avenues of media, I didn’t even watch TV or play video games during the weekday, at that time my entertainment were books, books, and more books. Initially I was anti-social media, I never had a “Myspace” account and I didn’t want one the most I had was an email account and that was enough social networking for me. It was when I came to college that technology became a huge part in my life, I bought my first laptop (nothing major a little dell latitude, I named her “ODELLA”). This coupled with the freedom to do whatever I wanted as a freshman in college media slowly started to take over my life. I started with an email account and a flip phone with no data now I have an “Iphone,” two “tumblr” pages, a “facebook”, a “twitter”, an “instagram”, two emails, and 7 “groupme” accounts.  All to keep in touch with two types of people, the ones I never talk to, and the people I see every day. Taking notes on how much media impacts my life makes me think about how I lived before my binary baptism. While I was doing this blog a thought occurred to me, I checked my phone about five times over the course of writing this post. The scary issue in all of this is that when you stop and think people’s lives are essentially merged with their technologies we are all walking around as if we are social cyborgs in some weird science fiction novel. I’ll leave you with this if your cell phone is your TV, computer, personal assistant, workout trainer, video game console, watch, library, gps, camera, compass, CD collection(if anyone remembers what those are), and your personal weather channel, what would happen if cell phones just all disappeared in a weird technological rapture? Could you function? Could I? The answer is no judging by how much media is embedded in my daily routine if the main source of media was gone consider me living in the stone ages or the 90’s(they are interchangeable).   


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